Wales 1982 Retro home jersey

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size chart :

Men Soccer Jersey   EU SIZE:  S/ M/ L /XL 
SIZE S: Shirt length 70cm, around chest 51cm. height 165-170CM 
SIZE M: Shirt Length 73cm, around chest 53cm. height 170-175CM 
SIZE L: Shirt Length 75.5cm, around chest 56cm. height 175-180CM 
SIZE XL: Shirt Length 78cm, around chest 59cm. height 180-185CM 
Player version Cultivate one's morality design

Women Soccer Jersey  EU SIZE:
SIZE S: Shirt length 64cm, around chest 76cm. height 155-160CM 
SIZE M: Shirt Length 67cm, around chest 80cm. height 160-165CM 
SIZE L: Shirt Length 72cm, around chest 88cm. height 165-175CM 

Kids Soccer Jersey  EU SIZE:
16# 3-4years height 95-105CM  
18# 4-5years height 105-115CM  
20# 5-6years height 115-125CM 
22# 7-8years height 125-135CM  
24# 8-9years height 135-145CM  
26# 10-11years height 145-155CM 
28# 12-13years height 155-165CM

Soccer Jersey Men Big SIZE :             


EU SIZE:  S/ M/ L / XL / 2XL / 3XL / 4XL 
SIZE S: Shirt length 71cm, around chest 51cm. height 160-165CM   / 60-65KG
SIZE M: Shirt Length 73cm, around chest 53cm. height 165-170CM   / 66-70KG
SIZE L: Shirt Length 75.5cm, around chest 55cm. height 170-175CM / 71-75KG
SIZE XL: Shirt Length 77cm, around chest 57cm. height 175-180CM  / 76-80KG
SIZE 2XL: Shirt Length 81cm, around chest 60cm. height 180-185CM / 81-87KG
SIZE 3XL: Shirt Length 83cm, around chest 62cm. height 185-190CM / 88-95KG
SIZE 4XL: Shirt Length 85cm, around chest 64cm. height 190-195CM / 96-103KG